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Notes IE *pleu(g/k)-; cognate with 'fly' in /cognate/2504/, 'flow' in /cognate/222/, 'swim' in /cognate/1181/, 'rain' in /cognate/919/, 'wash' in /cognate/662/, Romance terms from OFrank. form of 'wave' related to NE FLOOD (Buck 1949: 680), therefore also cognate to 'river' in /cognate/2652/
Citation: LIV² - Lexikon der Indogermanischen Verben (2e Auf.). 2001. Wiesbaden: ... Pages: View S.v. *pleu̯- 'schwimmen, schweben' (cf. ?*pleu̯d- 'schwimmen, fließen' ?*pleu̯k- 'schweben, schwimmen')
Citation: Beekes, Robert. 2010. Etymological Dictionary of Greek. Leiden: Brill. Pages: View Ancient Greek πλέω from PIE e-grade thematic present *pleu̯-e/o-
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Tocharian B pluṣäṃ float ★★ View
2 Ancient Greek πλέω pléɔː float Inf. πλεῖν. More commonly used to mean "sail", etc., but also "float" (of inanimates in the sea). ★★★ View
3 Greek επιπλέω e̞piˈple̞ˌo̞ float ★★★ ★★ View
4 Greek Lesbos PLEBO float ★★ View
5 Classical Armenian լողամ lołam float Identical to /lexeme/28627/ 'to swim'. View
6 Armenian Eastern lołal float Also 'wash, bathe' in ClArm. ★★★ View
7 Armenian Eastern loġal loˈʁɑl float ★★ View
8 Vedic Sanskrit právatē float alternatively, this may stem from the IE root *preu- 'to jump' (Walde 1930: 2.87) ★★★ View
9 Pāḷī palavati float ★★★ View
10 Old Church Slavonic плавати, плѹти plɑvɑti, pluti float ★★★ View
11 Serbo-Croatian plutati ˈplǔtati float ★★ View
12 Bulgarian плавам ˈpɫavəm float ★★ View
13 Macedonian плови ˈplovi float ★★★ View
14 Russian плавать 'pɫavatʲ float Multidirectional verb; unidirectional: 'плыть'. ★★ View
15 Polish pływać ˈpwɘ̟vatɕ float Multidirectional verb; unidirectional: 'płynąć' ★★ View
16 Belarusian плаваць ˈpɫavatsʲ float Multidirectional verb; unidirectional 'плыць'. ★★ View
17 Ukrainian плавати ˈpɫavatɪ float ★★ View
18 Slovak plávať ˈplaːvac float ★★ View
19 Czech plout plɔut float An alternative lexeme is 'plavat', with the same root. Its main meaning is 'to swim', however. ★★★ View
20 Sorbian Upper płuwać ˈpʰuwatʃ float ★★★ View
21 Sorbian Lower plěwaś ˈplʲɪwaɕ float ★★★ View
22 Slovenian plavati ˈplâːvati float ★★★ View
23 Latvian pludõ float ★★★ ★★ View
24 Lithuanian PLAUKTI float ★★ View
25 Old Norse fljóta ˈfljoːta float ★★★ View
26 Old Norse flýta ˈflyːta float Unable to find this in the meaning 'float' ★★★ View
27 Icelandic fljóta ˈfljouːtʰa float ★★ View
28 Faroese flóta ˈflɔuːta float ★★ View
29 Norwegian Riksmal flyte ˈflỳːtə float ★★ View
30 Stavangersk flyda ˈflỳːda float ★★★ View
31 Old Swedish flyta ˈflyːta float ★★ View
32 Swedish flyta ˈflỳ:ta float ★★ View
33 Swedish Vilhelmina FLYT float ★★ View
34 Swedish Uppland FLYTA float ★★ View
35 Elfdalian fliuota ˈfljʉ̀ətɑ float ★★ View
36 Danish flyde ˈfly:ðə float ★★ View
37 Danish Fjolde flyt flyd float ★★ View
38 Gutnish Lau flautä ˈflautɛ float ★★ View
39 Old English flotaþ float ★★★ View
40 Old English flīett float ★★ View
41 English to float fləʊt float ★★ View
42 Old High German fliuzit float View
43 Latin fluitāre fluiˈtaːre float fluitō, fluitāre, fluitāvī, fluitātum. Buck derives this from *bhleu- 'to swell' (1949: 678), cognate with 'river' in /cognate/2651/, the same word as in 'flow' /cognate/2660/ ★★ View
44 Portuguese flutuar flutuˈaɾ float ★★ View
45 Spanish flotar flo'taɾ float ★★★ View
46 French Creole Dominica FLOTE float ★★★ View
47 Walloon FLOTER float ★★★ View
48 French flotter flɔte float ★★★ View
49 Provencal FLOUTA, FLOUQUEJA float ★★★ View
50 Romansh flottar float ★★★ View
51 Romanian a pluti float L View
52 Middle Breton flotaff ˈfloːtaṽ float In Middle Breton only attested in a lexicographical source (Catholicon 1499). From the 18th century onwards also flojañ. L View
53 Breton flodiñ, flodañ ˈfloːdĩ, ˈfloːdã float also flotañ, -iñ L View
54 Scottish Gaelic fleòdradh (nn.) float With bì + a'/air L View
55 [Legacy] Greek K PLEO float ★★ View
56 [Legacy] Greek D PLEO float ★★ View
57 [Legacy] Greek Md PLEO float ★★ View
58 [Legacy] Serbocroatian PLOVITI float ★★ View
59 [Legacy] Serbian plutati plǔtati float derived from 'pluta', CORK ★★★ View
60 [Legacy] Macedonian PLIVA, PLOVI float ★★ View
61 [Legacy] Slovenian PLAVAT float ★★ View
62 [Legacy] Lithuanian O PLAUKYTI float ★★ View
63 [Legacy] French Creole C FLOTE float ★★★ View