Cognate class 1173

Language list: all
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Notes the same root as in 'few' /cognate/1129/, 'narrow' in /cognate/1320/ and 'thin' in /cognate/1406/, ultimate cognacy btw. Slav. and Grmnic. somewhat uncertain, see also 'some' in /lexeme/15663/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Proto-Indo-European *mey- small View
2 Old Church Slavonic малъ mɑlʊ̆ small An alternative lexeme is 'хѹдъ' which is, however, much less frequently attested in the Canon (>200 vs. 21). ★★★ View
3 Serbo-Croatian malen ˈmǎlɛn small ★★ View
4 Bulgarian малък ˈmaɫək small ★★ View
5 Macedonian мал mal small ★★ View
6 Russian маленький 'malʲɛnʲkʲij small ★★ View
7 Polish mały ˈmawɘ̟ small ★★ View
8 Belarusian маленькі ˈmalʲɛnʲkʲi small An alternative lexeme is 'малы', with the same root. ★★ View
9 Ukrainian малий maˈɫɪj small ★★ View
10 Slovak malý ˈmaliː small ★★ View
11 Czech malý maliː small ★★ View
12 Sorbian Upper małki ˈmawki small An alternative lexeme is 'mały', with the same root. ★★ View
13 Sorbian Lower mały mawɘ̟ small ★★ View
14 Slovenian majhen ˈmâːjhən small ★★ View
15 Old English smæl small ★★ View
16 English small smɔ:l small ★★ View
17 Old High German smal small ★★★ View
18 [Legacy] Serbocroatian MALI small ★★ View
19 [Legacy] Serbian mali small AF mal(en) ★★★ View
20 [Legacy] Bulgarian P MALUK small ★★ View
21 [Legacy] Macedonian mal mal small Removed DROBEN, MALECOK. ★★ View
22 [Legacy] Russian P MALYJ small ★★ View
23 [Legacy] Polish P MALY small ★★ View
24 [Legacy] Byelorussian P MALY small ★★ View
25 [Legacy] Ukrainian P MALYJ small ★★ View
26 [Legacy] Czech E MALE small ★★ View
27 [Legacy] Slovak P MALY small ★★ View
28 [Legacy] Czech P MALY small ★★ View
29 [Legacy] Slovenian MAJKEN, MICKN small ★★ View