Cognate class 1158

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Notes fr. the same IE root *stā- as words for 'stand' in /cognate/309/, 'thick' in /cognate/1922/ and 'big' in /cognate/2203/, 'stand' > 'solid, long lasting' > 'old'
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Old Church Slavonic старъ stɑrʊ̆ old Alternative lexemes are 'вєтъхъ' and 'дрєвь(л҄ь)н҄ь'. 'дрєвь(л҄ь)н҄ь' has is more like 'very old, ancient' or 'previous, former'. ALso 'вєтъхъ' tends to mean 'very old, ancient' (notabene, it is used in the name '*Old* Testament'. ★★★ View
2 Serbo-Croatian star stâr old ★★ View
3 Bulgarian стар star old ★★ View
4 Macedonian стар star old ★★ View
5 Russian старый 'starɨj old ★★ View
6 Polish stary ˈstarɘ̟ old ★★ View
7 Belarusian стары staˈrɨ old ★★ View
8 Ukrainian старий staˈrɪj old ★★ View
9 Slovak starý ˈstariː old ★★ View
10 Czech starý ˈstariː old ★★ View
11 Sorbian Upper stary ˈstaʀɘ̟ old ★★ View
12 Sorbian Lower stary ˈstarɘ̟ old ★★ View
13 Slovenian star star old ★★ View
14 [Legacy] Serbocroatian STAR old ★★ View
15 [Legacy] Serbian star stâr old ★★★ View
16 [Legacy] Bulgarian P STAR old ★★ View
17 [Legacy] Macedonian STAR old split from DKB ★★ View
18 [Legacy] Russian P STARYJ old ★★ View
19 [Legacy] Polish P STARY old ★★ View
20 [Legacy] Byelorussian P STARY old ★★ View
21 [Legacy] Ukrainian P STARYJ old ★★ View
22 [Legacy] Czech E STARE old ★★ View
23 [Legacy] Slovak P STARY old ★★ View
24 [Legacy] Czech P STARY old ★★ View
25 [Legacy] Slovenian STAR, STARA, STARII old ★★ View