Cognate class 1127

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Notes IE *maĝ- 'to knead, press, coat' (Walde 1930: 2.226), cogn. with 'rub' in /cognate/1299/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Serbo-Croatian mast mâːst fat An alternative lexeme is 'salo' [sâlɔ]. However, it seems to be slightly less general than 'mast'. 'salo' is definied as 'human or animal fat in the belly'. ★★ View
2 Bulgarian мазнина məzniˈna fat An alternative lexeme is 'мас', with the same root. Other synonyms have less general meanings: 'лой' 'fat of sheep, cow, rabbit etc.', 'тлъстина' 'fat in a living animal or human', 'ма̀сло' 'butter, oil', 'олио' 'vegetable oil'. ★★★ View
3 Macedonian маст mast fat An alternative lexeme is 'сало' [ˈsalɔ]. ★★ View
4 Slovenian mast mâːst fat ★★ View
5 [Legacy] Serbocroatian MAST fat ★★ View
6 [Legacy] Serbian mast fat noun, adj.: mastan ★★★ View
7 [Legacy] Bulgarian P MAZ fat ★★ View
8 [Legacy] Macedonian MAST/LOJ fat split from DKB ★★ View
9 [Legacy] Slovenian MAST fat ★★ View