Cognate class 1070

Language list: all
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Notes IE *leu- 'to cut, split' > 'pointed object' (Walde 1930: 2.408f), cognate with 'hit' in /lexeme/21664/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Gaulish losto- tail Reconstructed form based on attestation of male names. ★★ View
2 Old Irish los los tail ★★★ View
3 Old Cornish lost tail Middle Cornish. ★★★ View
4 Middle Cornish lost lɔ:st tail ★★★ View
5 Old Breton lost tail Middle Breton. ★★★ View
6 Breton lost tail ★★ View
7 Welsh llost tail ★★★ View
8 [Legacy] Breton St lost lost tail ★★★ View
9 [Legacy] Breton Se LOST tail ★★ View