Cognate class 1010

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Notes poss. ultimately cogn. with /cognate/405/.
Citation: Schumacher, Stefan. 2004: Die keltischen Primärverben. Ein vergleichendes, etymologisches und ... Pages: 280 View Welsh rhoddi < *ro-dī- (PIE *deh₃- 'to give') does not belong to the same cognate class as Middle Welsh roaf, roi, Middle Breton reiff and Middle Cornish ry. These verbs have lost an intervocalic -g- and belong to Old Irish rogaid*, ·rogai* (*rugaid, *·rugai 'to strech out' DIL 510/R89).
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Middle Cornish ro: ro: give ‘giving’, AF roy ★★★ View
2 Middle Cornish ri: give ★★★ View
3 Old Breton reiff give ★★★ View
4 Middle Breton reiff, reyff, reyf reˈiṽ give ★★★ View
5 Breton reiñ give ★★★ ★★ View
6 Old Welsh rodesit give ★★★ View
7 Welsh rhoddi give ★★★ View
8 [Legacy] Breton St reiñ 'rɛĩ give ★★★ View
9 [Legacy] Breton Se REIN give ★★ View
10 [Legacy] Welsh C RHOI give ★★ View